My new room!

July 28, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Blessed, Life)

If you didn’t know, my family likes to prank! I like it too. But I hate it when you have not been home for a week and come back to a mess. So before I left I told my family and friends I would be really upset if they did anything mean to my room!! I came back to this!

If you didn’t know, my room was orange and lime green before. It was kinda ugly. I was shocked. I was so excited. My room is beautiful now! Thanks to everyone who helped do my room. You’re awesome!


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Back Home From El Salvador!

July 28, 2008 at 5:30 am (Uncategorized)

El Salvador is very dirty place!

So right after youth group last week, I went to the airport and started our trip to El Salvador. I didn’t sleep at all on the airplane ride there. We finally got to El Salvador and I guess we waited for 45 minutes for our luggage. That was ridiculous. I was hoping that when we got there we would have the day off and rest up for the week. That was not the case. I got ready for the dramas and went to the park and started our ministry. We got back on the bus and it wouldn’t start. Everyone got off and tried pushing it. That didn’t work. By this time I had not slept in 36 hours. I wanted some sleep. After about an hour and a half someone came to get us. We go back to the hotel then walked to Bugur King. That was the first day.

After this day I was asking God ” Why am I on this trip?” I really wanted to be home. I thought I was crazy. I could of been home with my sister because she is hardly home. I really missed her. I am not away from home for long periods of time. I don’t think I will be a missionary unless God calls me to be one, but I bet that won’t happen. I knew God had me on this trip for a reason; I just didn’t know why.

For breakfast every day I had two pieces of toast and some fruit. Bob gave us three rules: 1) Sleep as much as you can, 2) Eat and drink as much as you can and 3) Go to the bathroom whenever you get a chance.

We had to drive two or three hours wherever we would go. I would sleep probably (almost) the whole way there. Nobody would sit by me unless they were going to sleep because I didn’t entertain anyone. I was very good at rule one!

Saturday was my favorite day of all! We went to Cannibal Island. I remember going there last time and it was amazing. The thing that made me so sad is that all the kids were so filthy. They would have sores that were never cleaned. We made 300 hundred hot dogs and handed out flip-flops. Holy Cow! That’s all I have to say. That’s a ton. We made all the hot dogs and put everything on them and handed them out. Everyone had to start with one and then what was leftover we put back in the box and let them go at it. It went crazy. I played with the kids in the rain. We spinned the kids and played red-rower. It made me sad when I had to leave. These kids don’t get anything. They were so happy to just see us.

I have learned that you need to be grateful for what you have! They have nothing there and we complain when we don’t get the shirt we want! Now that’s just dumb and very selfish.

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Sunday Night softball

July 16, 2008 at 4:27 pm (Uncategorized)

I started playing on a team as many of you know! I am NOT very good at all, but hey, I gave it a shot and have fun playing. That’s all that matters.

This last Sunday night before my game, my dad was showing me how to bat better ( I suck at batting). We started playing the game. I am always the catcher. I don’t want to be anything else. I probably couldn’t catch the freaking ball if I was in the outfield. Good thing I am not there. I need to get better at throwing back to the pitcher. I am so little that it’s hard for me to throw super far. This Sunday, July 13, I did amazingly well at batting or at least I did amazingly well for me. I made it to third base. I could have made it home if i didn’t stop as much as I did. When I was running from first to second, my hat was flying off so I took it off and ran with it! That was pretty silly.

I love watching and playing Sunday Night Softball!

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Plato’s Closet!

July 11, 2008 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized)

This is for girls who love to shop! Plato’s Closet is having a big sale tomorrow. You get a bag and put as much as you can into it and it only cost $10 dollars. Only $10 dollars. Ten dollars is not very much at all.              That is a hecka deal! I will be there.

Where will you be?

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Update on my mission trip!

July 10, 2008 at 8:51 pm (Blessed, Friends, Life, Trusting)

Only six days till I leave. I am so excited. It has come so fast. I will be gone eight days doing the will of God. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do there. I pray our team becomes even closer than we already are and falls even more in love with Jesus.

One of the things I was really worried about was getting all my money. I would pray that I would get money every week until I leave and that I would NOT have to use my money that I was saving to go to beauty school. Last week, I was going over to a friend’s house. When I was walking in I was praying and asking God to let someone gave me $l00 dollars. A friend was going to go on the trip but couldn’t and gave me a little of they money she had got. I was so blessed. I couldn’t believe it. God answer my prayer so fast. God is so faithful.

I think it can be so hard for me to be patient and just wait. Not that I was thinking that God wouldn’t provide but I was getting worried. God just wanted me to trust him.

Every week since I sent out my support letter, I have got one or two checks a week. Two weeks ago I still needed $450. That’s still a lot to me. I thought and had a big feeling I wasn’t going to get it. We had a BBQ at the church to raise money and didn’t think I would get very much with that either.

Yesterday, they told each of us the amount of money that we still needed. All I need is $85 dollars! Wow thats not much at all.

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