Forgiveness/Letting go/Moving on/

January 23, 2009 at 9:15 pm (Uncategorized)

That can be hard, right?

There are steps of forgiveness.  It is very important to do all of these. Unforgiveness can affect your life.

One step is healing. Let God comfort you in the pain/hurt that you have gone through and move on. Believe that God has you in his hands and wants the best for you. That’s hard at times or at least it is for me. God wouldn’t put you through something you can’t handle. It can be so easy to stay mad or frustrated. But really what good will that do? Nothing! Going through the healing stage is hard.

Another step is just letting it go. Don’t let your mind dwell on what has happened. That’s not good.You can’t move on if your always thinking about it. You can’t

If you can’t move on from a place where you have been hurt and you just stay cold-hearted, you wont go anywhere in life. You’re always going to think, “Why am I always at this place?” It’s because you need to forgive. How can God forgive you if you can’t forgive?  You will miss out on the blessing God has for you if you can’t forgive.


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