December 1, 2008 at 5:55 am (Blessed, Church, Funny, Life)

Man, do I love worship. It’s the time when God and I become really close. Where we are undone in the presence of God.  Where I feel he is holding me in his arms making me feel better. It’s where I hear his voice more than I do any other place. Everyone should have a place where it’s just them and God. It may not be worship, it could be something totally different.

The big question is: Do you worship God for something? To impress someone? To act like you are super close to God? Or, do you just worship God for him?

Why do you worship?

It seems that people go to God seeking the answers for this questions: Why don’t I have this or that? They seem to be very unhappy with what they have. God sees the whole picture, we don’t. We might think that this boyfriend or girlfriend, this shoe or book, this iphone or this big tv will make us happy and we will tell God if you let me have this, I won’t ask for anything else. I know this will make me happy, but God knows best.

God is always blessing me, whether I see it or don’t. God wants us to be happy not unhappy. He has blessed everyone just because he died on the cross for all of our sins.  That’s all that we need, but we are selfish people here on earth. We don’t think that’s all we need.

The next Big question is: Do you tithe trusting him or do you have very little faith. God promies that he will take care of us. Now that is not always easy to believe, but we need to TRUST, HOPE and BELIEVE that God is our provider.


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June 6, 2008 at 11:58 pm (Blessed, Family, Frustrated, Funny, Life)

First off, Stina is awesome. She is my older sister! I love her to death. She has been gone since she finished high school. She went to YWAM and has only come back to visit us and that’s not very much. I couldn’t ask for a better older sister. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love her. I am very close to my sister.

I can’t wait for her to come back. We always have a great time together. She will be back for the whole summer too. How awesome is that? I get in weird moods when I am around her. I can be myself around her. I love it when she is back because I get in singing moods and go crazy. She loves it. Stina, be ready for singing when you get back! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Stina can sometimes be a pain in the butt and I mean a big one. If you don’t believe that, listen to this: I was over visiting at our neighbor’s house one day. Stina called on the phone at my friend’s house saying “Mom needs your help.” Being the good girl that I am, I came home. Mom didn’t really want me. Stina wanted me to get glass of ICE WATER for HER. I refused to get it for her and went back to my friend’s house.

When I was around six years old, she told me that I was born without a head and they had to sew one on. I know it sounds crazy, but I believed her. I cried all of the time because of that.

She would put toothpaste in every pair of underwear in our house (other than her own.) It dried clear and you couldn’t see it. So you would try on a pair, it felt gross, but you didn’t know why. It was disgusting. Every pair! She thought that it was funny. Then one day before church when I was in the shower she put ALL my underwear in a big bowl of water and froze it, so that I would not have underwear for days. I was so mad.

When I was younger, I was a clean freak. I would not even sleep under my covers because I couldn’t stand them being messy. One day Stina and a friend moved everything around in my room and then t.p.’d it. I was screaming when I found out. I was so freaking mad.

But with all that said, she is an awesome sister. I always enjoyed going to youth group with her. She was my bigger sister. She made me feel very welcome. When she was out of high school every time I went it was not the same. I didn’t have her next to me when I needed her.

I love when we snuggle in bed and talk, when we watch a bunch of movies together, when I am just with her. I had a blast when I went to California to visit her. We laughed so hard. We got to go to the beach together and walk around. I got to meet all her friends. I hope I get to go back next year. My sister is really a blessing. Whoever is around her will be blessed.

Fun times in California!

Thanks for being an AMAZING sister to me. I could never ask for a better older sister!


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Nerd Ice Cream!

June 3, 2008 at 5:20 pm (Funny, Ice cream)

When I was a little girl, I would always go to DQ and get a nerd blizzard. Well, now they don’t have that kind of blizzard (how sad). It was my favorite, at least when I was little. Well last night I had to run and get a couple things from a friend. My brother came with me. We needed time together. Daniel is so funny sometimes. I was laughing so hard, I was about crying. We wanted ice cream.

I was remembering what it was like to eat nerd ice cream when I was little. It sounded amazing. So Daniel and I thought let’s just make it ourselves. We dont need to spend eight dollars on to ice cream cones, when we can just spend four or five and make it ourselves. So we went to the store and got the stuff to make it. I ate way more than I probably should of. After I was done eating it. I felt so sick. But it was worth it, I guess.

Ice Cream Is Always Good!

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April 16, 2008 at 5:55 pm (Funny)

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